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We believe that “one size fits all” is not applicable to ERP software.
Instead, we take the time to understand your business requirements,
objectives, culture & vision before we recommend an ERP software for your organization.
Primary Enterprise Software Selection Factors

Features & Functionality

Does the software meet the future state industry and process needs of your business?

Technology Alignment

Does the platform fit within your technology roadmap? Is the company following industry standards for current and future integrations?

Total Cost of Ownership

Are you able to forecast the investment for the long term?

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Our Offerings

Business Process Improvement

Understanding business requirements & improving business processes is an essential part of any successful enterprise system initiative.

ERP Software Selection

Our combined industry expertise, vendor research, & close knowledge of your company after comprehensive business process improvement, will help you conduct a software evaluation that is designed around your future state needs.

Enterprise Project Management

A strong qualified, dedicated Project Manager is the most important factor in separating successful projects from unsuccessful ones.

Organizational Change Management

Your implementation is much more than just swapping out legacy software or tweaking a few processes. For lasting change, the emphasis must be on your people & processes.