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A digital audit is one of the most misunderstood service offerings, as well as one of the most misused. Some companies offer a “free website audit” as a selling trick to hook organizations.
Accurate digital audit reports are beyond the automated email you get after entering your website’s URL on some landing page. Audit reports are detailed and extremely personalized to your company’s specific industry, history, and goals. They include a careful analysis of your digital ecosystem, with deeper insights that distinguish between what has (including has not), worked effectively in the past few years.
Eventually, all-digital audits should answer one simple question - what’s actually going on here?

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Digital Marketing Audit

Is your website measurably generating B2B leads, increasing sales opportunities, & increasing engagement with your prospects? If not, when was the last time you conducted a digital marketing audit? It’s critical to assess website performance and identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Technology Audit

Companies are spending thousands of dollars to acquire technology including hardware, software and applications which can best connect them to customers & give them insights & analysis to beat their competitors. But only setting up with good IT isn’t sufficient. In the time of digital disruption with accelerating IT infrastructure needs, market pressures for constant technical evolution, & IT security threats, it is very important to do a digital audit.